Life Legacy Challenge

Life Legacy Challenge
On November 20, 2016

On August 27th, 2016 Melanie Johnson will be speaking at the TEDx
Conference in Houston. We are honored for the opportunity and we are
excited to announce the launch of her new Book August 26th, 2016!

Life Legacy Challenge

LIFE LEGACY CHALLENGE: Write a Book! Share Your Wisdom, Ideas, and Stories to Profit Future Generations

If you were dying next week, what wisdom would you want to leave your children, family, the next generation, and the world?
The largest generation is the baby boomers, 76 million strong. But a baby boomer dies every 50 seconds and all their knowledge wisdom expertise, information and inspiration goes with them, unless they do something about it. Record your wisdom and create a sustainable knowledge library system, by writing a book.

You may be a baby boomer or you may not. Either way – you have a story to tell. You may say who am I to say I’m an expert, that I have a story worth telling. Everyone’s an expert at something. Everyone has a story worth telling. No matter what age you are. You don’t have to be a baby boomer to have valuable wisdom or expertise to share. This book is for all generations, who want to write a book to leave a legacy. What knowledge will you share with the next generation?

The book is listed for just $2.99 cents and go to Amazon and buy your copy TODAY.

Check back for the Paperback edition.

Here is the link to the book.